rms1 (rms1) wrote,

Спасибо тов.Сталину за наш автомат

Амерканцы в Ираке бросают М16 и вооружаются Калащниковыми:
Now U.S. troops who have picked up AKs on raids or confiscated them at checkpoints are putting the rifles to use — and they like what they see.
Some complain that standard U.S. military M16 and M4 rifles jam too easily in Iraq's dusty environment. Many say the AK has better "knockdown" power and can kill with fewer shots.
"The kind of war we are in now ... you want to be able to stop the enemy quick," said Sgt. 1st Class Tracy S. McCarson of Newport News, Va., an army scout, who carries an AK in his Humvee.
Some troops say the AK is easier to maintain and a better close-quarters weapon.

Самое интересное, что свободные от инородческого правления русские могли бы в любой области добиться аналогичных успехов.
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