rms1 (rms1) wrote,

Pogrom inc.

Подражание pavell

Dear Customer,

We are pleased to announce that our company will arrange pogrom® in your household this evening, or, at the very least, next morning. We are very happy that you had been randomly chosen among thousands of other candidates worldwide. With more then a hundred years of experience and close to customers offices worldwide we are leading name in the industry. You are in a good hands with Pogrom Inc.

You do not have to care about anything or to prepare in any shape or form – our trained professionals will take care about all the details, including you, members of your family, your furniture, household items and even your house itself. Thousands of satisfied customers worldwide may confirm quality and spectacular effectiveness of our patented “pogroms®”. Also, do not try to hide any members of your family or any items from your household, because it may adversely affect patented effectiveness and glamour of our pogrom®, decrease expected satisfaction on the part of your neighbors&friends and diminish whole historical significance of this future event.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us now, because hopefully you won’t be able to contact us after.

We wish you very happy pogrom®,

On behalf of Pogrom Inc,
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